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Daily Archive for August 4th, 2009

Gulf Fritillary Butterfly

Both photographs are of the same Butterfly taken in Mead Garden, Winter Park, Florida on August 04, 2009.   Click on Photo to Enlarge. From Wikipedia: The Gulf Fritillary or Passion butterfly (Agraulis vanillae) is a striking, bright orange Butterfly of the family Nymphalidae, subfamily Heliconiinae. These were formerly classified in a separate family, the Heliconiidae […]

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Wood Stork – Juvenile

This Wood Stork was photographed at Lake Davis in Orlando, Florida on August 04, 2009. Wood Storks Eat small fish, tadpoles, frogs, and crayfish. Hunts by wading with its bill open just under the water surface, snapping it shut when encountering prey. In Florida, the Wood Stork breeds during the late winter dry season when […]

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