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Red-shouldered Hawk

Photographed in Mead Garden, Winter Park, Florida on May, 05, 2010.

I had been sitting on my favorite picnic table and was about to give up on seeing Warblers today until I decided to walk down a nearby short, narrow path beside the pond. Oh my goodness. I counted only 5 species of Warbler but the numbers were amazing (Northern Parula, M&F American Redstarts, Common Yellowthroats, Blackpolls, M&F Black-throated Blues.) They were flying back and forth at eye-level. Many times the Warblers would land close enough that I could have touched them. I just knew I got some good photos today. Really? Turns out my Canon 5D MK II refuses to auto-focus on small birds in low light. I spent 2 hours photographing Warblers that were flying all around me and got 1, that’s ONE usable photograph. Many other photographers that I know are experiencing the same auto-focus problem. “HEY CANON, if I you charge $2500 for a camera don’t you think the auto-focus should focus in ALL lighting conditions?” The Red-shouldered Hawk was in low-light and is in borderline good focus. Just seems to be the smaller birds that the auto-focus has a problem. These birds were close, full frame, camera beeped twice meaning focus is locked. Only one of 75 photos was close to being in focus. Hope you enjoy the Northern Parula photo, that was the only one out of 75.

Great Egret

Northern Parula

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